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Aims and scope

One Health Outlook is a new open access journal published by BMC in collaboration with the One Health Platform.

Edited by Ab Osterhaus, One Health Outlook will have a broad scope to encompass all aspects of One Health.  Education and bringing people from different backgrounds together is what One Health is all about, and by removing barriers for readers, Open Access is ideally placed to promote the One Health ethos.

One Health Outlook welcomes papers from researchers looking at the interaction between human, animal, plant and environmental health; agriculture, food and water safety and soil health; disease surveillance, prevention and response, both infectious and chronic diseases; antimicrobial resistance; environmental toxicology detection and response; public policy and regulation; education, communications and outreach.

One Health Outlook is accepting submissions and will publish its first articles soon.

The One Health Platform

New Content ItemOne Health Outlook is published in collaboration with the One Health Platform. A strategic forum of stakeholders and a One Health reference network that aims to enhance understanding of and preparedness for the current and future outbreaks of zoonoses, emerging infectious diseases in humans and animals, and antimicrobial resistance, including the ecological and environmental factors which impact on these diseases.

Call for papers

New Content Item

One Health in policy, practice, and response to emerging diseases
Edited by Jonna Mazet and Eri Togami

Novel opportunities for NGS-based One Health surveillance of foodborne pathogens
Edited by Joergen Schlundt and Moon Tay Yue Feng

Spatial inequality, infectious diseases and disease control
Cross-journal series

Contribution of climate change to the spread of infectious diseases
Cross-journal series

Environmental justice and policy research
Cross-journal series