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Table 1 Summary of traits by sampled chiropteran species

From: Reproduction of East-African bats may guide risk mitigation for coronavirus spillover

Chiropteran speciesTrait
Colony sizeRoost typeAggregation in clusters while roostingNumber of litters per year
Chaerephon pumilusMediumClosedNo3b
Coleura afraLargeClosedNo2
Eidolon helvumLargeOpenYes1
Hipposideros sp.MediumClosedYes1
Lissonycteris angolensisMediumClosedNo2
Mop condylurusMediumClosedYes2
Neoromicia nanaSmallOpenaNo1
Nycteris cf. thebaicaMediumClosedNo1
Pipistrellus cf. hesperidusSmallClosedYes1
Rhinolophus cf. clivosusSmallClosedNo1
Rousettus aegyptiacusLargeClosedYes2
Taphozous mauritanusSmallClosedNo2
Triaenops persicusLargeClosedYes1
  1. a Neoromicia nanus roosts in folded banana leaves. Could be considered “Closed” also
  2. b It has been proposed up to 5